Berkley® Adds New Colors and Value Packs to PowerBait® Dough Offering

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Berkley® announces the expansion of its PowerBait® Dough line to include new colors for Trout Dough and new multi-color packs for Chroma-Glow Crappie Nibbles, Power Eggs® Floating Magnum and Trout Dough.

The Berkley PowerBait formula, developed by Berkley scientists, is an irresistible scent and flavor combination that drives fish to hold on to a bait 18 times longer*. The new colors in the PowerBait Trout dough lineup include: Bumblebee, Glitter Silver Vein, Glitter Gold Vein and Mallow Glow Red Fleck. Each of the new colors is moldable and easy to use; and take advantage of the exclusive Powerbait formula to enhance the dispersion of scent and flavor.

The new glitter Trout Dough colors offer additional benefits, including extra scent. The Glitter Silver Vein and Gold Vein feature metallic silver or gold veins packed with crystalina glitter, which reflects light and increases visibility – helping this bait to stand out. The Mallow Glow Red Fleck uses a chroma-glow floating formula as its base and adds in an intense “hot streak” of glow that really stands out in low light conditions allowing trout to see it from a distance.

“Berkley PowerBait continues to be a fish-catching favorite around the world and for nearly everything that swims,” said Aaron Wavra, associate brand manager for Berkley. “Our new products combine that proven performance with some interesting new designs and colors that will allow anglers to expand their arsenal and continue to catch more fish.”

In addition to new color offerings, Berkley PowerBait is introducing multi-color packs, providing more value to consumers who trust the PowerBait technology. The PowerBait Chroma-Glow Crappie Nibbles will now be available in a three pack of Glow Chartreuse, Glow Pink and Glow White. Crappie Nibbles are soft, yet long lasting, pre-formed nibbles that are easy to use with less mess. The PowerBait Power Eggs Floating Magnum offers a maximum sized natural floating presentation and is available in a garlic flavored three pack of the most popular fluorescent colors – Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent White and Fluorescent Yellow. PowerBait Trout Dough will now be offered in a four pack of popular colors – Chartreuse, Rainbow, Fluorescent Orange and Fluorescent Yellow.

The 2019 PowerBait lineup will be available in retail stores nationwide at the end of July 2019.