Berkley® Debuts New Gulp! Soft Baits for Saltwater Anglers

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Enhancing its Gulp! Saltwater and Gulp! Alive! collections, Berkley® is adding five new shapes and sizes, as well as 17 new colors to the lineup of saltwater baits.

First launched in 2002, Berkley Gulp! continues to expand the strike zone and allow anglers to catch more fish. The proprietary extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! has been field and lab tested by Berkley scientists and is proven to help anglers catch 30% more fish*. The new Gulp! Saltwater soft baits include the new Crazy Legs Jerk Shad, Bulky Hawg, Fat Hollow Sand Worm and a new 5-inch size for the Grub.

The new Saltwater Crazy Legs Jerk Shad features increased action with two long curly legs, providing an erratic darting motion, imitating struggling bait fish. In addition, the legs kick and move on the drop and retrieve. The new Crazy Legs Jerk Shad is 5-inches and is recommended for use on a weighted EWG swimbait hook or jig head. Color options include: Lime Tiger Glow, New Penny, Sapphire Shine, White Glow, Nuclear Chicken, Watermelon and Pink Shine.

The new Bulky Hawg is a Japanese-influenced body style great for cover-oriented presentations. The large flaps add weight for longer casts and the bungee style front arms flap and retract quickly to draw attention and induce strikes. The highly ribbed main body allows for maximum scent release and the new bait works well on a jig head or Carolina rig. The Bulky Hawg is 3-inches long and available in five colors – Chartreuse Green Black Fleck Fluorescent Orange, Clear Red Fleck, Moebi, Motor Oil and Pearl White.

The new Fat Hollow Sandworm swims and looks like it’s alive, and the hollow body provides for a realistic feeling bait. The new bait is 4-inches and is best suited for use on a half head jig head or single hook bottom rig. The Fat Hollow Sandworm is available in three colors – Natural, Bloody and Camo.

In addition to the new shapes, the Gulp! Saltwater Grub is now available in a 5-inch option in 14 colors. Gulp! also adds 17 new colors for a variety of its saltwater baits including the Nemesis, Mantis Shrimp, Pogy, Ripple Mullet, Jerk Shad, Sandworm, Shrimp and Swimming Mullet.

The new Gulp! Alive! Saltwater baits include the Crabby and Crazy Legs Jerk Shad. Berkley’s Gulp! Alive! formula offers the best alternative to live bait – the baits are soaked in the proprietary powerful attractant to catch more fish. Gulp! Alive! can also be re-charged by putting the bait back in the bucket, reinvigorating its effectiveness.

The new Gulp! Alive! Crabby is a 2-inch bait, imitating live crab with high-action legs and claws that flutter enticingly. The ‘keeled’ belly helps to keep it tracking straight on the retrieve or maintain a horizontal free fall when using light tackle. Best for a Carolina rig or jig head, the new Crabby is available in Breen, Camo and Watermelon Pearl.

The Gulp! Alive! Crazy Legs Shad is similar to its Gulp! Saltwater counterpart – a 5-inch bait with two curly legs to provide lots of action underwater and legs that kick and move on the drop and the retrieve. The new bait is recommended for use with a weighted EWG swimbait hook or a jig head and is available in Nuclear Chicken for color.

The new Gulp! Saltwater baits will retail for $6.99 and be available July 2019 (Crazy Legs Jerk Shad) and August 2019 (Bulky Hawg and Fat Hollow Sandworm). The new Gulp! Alive! soft baits will retail for $19.99 and be available in July 2019. In addition to the new baits and colors, several existing Gulp! Saltwater and Gulp! Alive! baits will be available in new colors in July and August.