SpiderWire® Launches New UltraCast® Line Colors

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SpiderWire® launches new colors for its UltraCast® line collection. The SpiderWire® UltraCast®is an evolution in line technology, allowing for a sensitive yet powerful feel.

The SpiderWire UltraCast line is crafted from eight tightly woven 100 percent PE fibers, giving UltraCast the unique capacity to launch great distances with very little effort—all while retaining a high level of strength and abrasion resistance. UltraCast is now available in two new colors – Aqua Camo and Inshore Camo. The new colors will be available in the following sizes: 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, 65-, 80- and 100-pound. Available in July 2019, the new line colors will offer lengths of 150 meters ($18.99), 300 meters ($36.99) and 2000 meters ($249.99).

“The new color additions to the SpiderWire family demonstrate the continued evolution of our line production technology,” said Chris Pitsilos, brand manager for SpiderWire. “The UltraCast is the pinnacle of performance line strength. Casting long distances has never felt so effortless. The additional colors offer a wider range of choices for angler needs.”

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