Berkley® Expands its Proven Fusion19™ Line of Terminal Tackle with Newly-Designed Hooks and Jigheads

Over the last several years, Berkley® has taken the terminal tackle category by storm with the continued performance of its super-sharp Fusion19 hooks. In 2019, the company delivers more products that give anglers access to the hooking power of Fusion19 in a variety of applications.

The new terminal tackle offering from Berkley consists largely of on-trend tackle that anglers are depending on today in recreational and tournament angling. Combining soft-plastics with the action only available from the Snap Jig, the expanded lineup includes new larger Snap Jig sizes for deeper water applications in combination with larger-profile soft plastics. In addition, there are several new jigheads including a Football Head, Swimbait Head, Shakey Head, Swinghead, Tube Jig, Under Spin and Weighted Wacky Jighead. There are also two new Treble Hook offerings – EWG Treble Hooks and Medium Shank EWG Treble Hooks.

“Fusion19 terminal tackle has been widely embraced by everyone from novice anglers to tournament pros,” said Kevin Malone, Berkley brand manager. “We take nothing for granted in our design of every piece of tackle. Ultimately, it’s the hook that gets the job done and we work just as hard testing our terminal tackle for durability and performance as anything else we make.”

The Fusion19 Snap Jig has found a home in tackle boxes from northern waters where it is used to target a mixed bag of gamefish like lake trout and walleye to southern bass waters where it has produced big bags of largemouth and spotted bass. The bait will now be even more versatile thanks to new weights and hook sizes. The bait is now available in 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4-ounce sizes and with hook sizes ranging from 1/0 to 6/0 to accommodate larger soft plastics. Each weight-size will be available in two hook sizes to allow for versatility in rigging. The Snap Jigs will be $6.99 for a two-pack.

Anglers familiar with Berkley’s popular Flicker series will appreciate the new upgraded Fusion19 treble hooks, now available for all high-action, small profile crankbaits. The new medium shank EWG treble hooks feature a shorter shank with wider gaps for increased hookups and the ability to up-size hook sizing without hang-ups. The new treble hooks will both come in black nickel and red.

All of the new jigheads benefit from intricate design features that make them best-in-class. From recessed line-ties to recurved heads that allow for a more snug fit when rigging soft plastics, each jighead is carefully and thoughtfully designed to deliver performance and value.

The 2019 lineup of new Berkley Fusion19 Terminal Tackle will debut at ICAST in Orlando from July 10-12 and will be available in retail stores nationwide in September 2019.