Hardy® Releases 2019 Limited Edition Trout Perfects

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Four new models feature exclusive Charles Jardine original artwork

Hardy®, the iconic fly fishing rod and reel company, announces the release of Limited Edition Trout Perfects reels, all four of which feature original artwork by world-famous artist and angler Charles Jardine. The Trout Perfects will come in four designs, the Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Grayling. There will be 150 of each design available globally in October of 2019.

Each Trout Perfect will feature artwork applied directly to the side plate of the classic Hardy 3 1/8 Wide Spool Perfect®. These Trout Perfect reels are rich in Hardy history, complete with the time-proven perfect check system and the classic ‘Perfect’ sound. Each of these beautifully crafted reels are presented in a block leather reel case, individually numbered and include a handmade screw tool and limited-edition packaging.

Charles Jardine is an internationally renowned fly fishing instructor, author and artist. He has been awarded the President’s Pin by the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and also named a Fly Fishing Legend in the USA. In 1891, after three years of development, Hardy launched its first reel and its most famous product to date, the Perfect. One hundred and twenty-eight years later, the addition of Jardine’s artwork to these limited-edition reels makes them highly collectable and sought after.

“The Hardy Perfect reel is already a work of art,” said Jim Murphy, Director of Fly Fishing at Hardy. “These limited edition Perfect Reels with Charles Jardine’s original artwork, present a rare opportunity for collectors to obtain a piece of Hardy history.”

The Trout Perfect is engineered from bar stock aluminum with a naval brass one-piece spindle, stainless steel ball bearings, ivorine handle and a smooth gunmetal grey satin finish. The limited-edition Trout Perfect is available in 3 1/8 inch size only and will be available in October at $1,199.95 each.

For more information, visit HardyFishing.com.

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