Our Brands

Pure Fishing is Building the World’s Best Fishing Company

The brands that came together to form Pure Fishing were founded by passionate inventors responsible for much of the tackle that we use today. We continue this drive for innovation with advancements in quality made possible through our investments in modern technology. Day by day, innovation by innovation, and catch by catch, each brand in our portfolio has earned a distinct and unique reputation with modern anglers worldwide.

Superior customer service for our anglers and our retail partners is a commitment we make to keep our brands a vibrant part of today’s angling experience. The growth of our brands represent more than just business, it’s our deep respect for the importance of fishing to a growing number of anglers worldwide. Pure Fishing is dedicated to helping anglers everywhere have more fun catching more fish.

  • Abu Garcia logo

    Abu Garcia makes equipment for anglers pursuing the sport with the fervor and passion of an athlete constantly trying to achieve their PB. Fishing to Win has always been in our DNA. And our promise is that it always will. While we celebrate and relish what we have helped anglers across the world accomplish in our 100 year history, we are focused on what we can help anglers achieve today. And tomorrow.  As long as fishermen work hard to be the best they can be, we promise to do the same

  • Berkley logo

    Berkley is the only fishing company that strictly adheres to the scientific process to develop products to give anglers the tools and the confidence to catch more fish. Berkley baits are scientifically proven to work, in the lab and on the water. A leader in line, soft baits and hard baits, Berkley’s commitment to science lets us confidently tell anglers – We’ve done the science, now you catch the fish.

  • CHUB logo

    At Chub, we pride ourselves on a development process that sees some of the best anglers in the country input into product design. Chub offers a wide range of Carp fishing products: Carp Rods and Bivvies as well as fish care products, such as unhooking and protection mats. Available in the UK.

  • Fenwick logo

    You know the feeling. The tell-tale tug on the end of the line that is transferred through a Fenwick rod, felt by your hand, captures your heart and stirs your soul. That moment and that feeling is why Fenwick exists. It’s why we obsess over every part of every rod we build to make sure the action, sensitivity and strength not only create more of those moments but allow you to make the most of them. Fenwick. We feel it too.

  • Fin Nor logo

    Fin-Nor was born in the hands of the daring few who attacked the unknown, wrestling with swords and sails of sizes never seen before, in places rarely fished. It’s the spirit of discovery that drove them then, and that guides us now, inspired by the legends of nautical pioneers who transformed mythical fish into documented history.

  • Greys logo

    Greys combines European heritage with innovation to create high-end but affordable fly gear for the modern fly angler with a spirit for adventure. Greys supports and helps grow new communities through fly fishing experiences.

  • Hardy logo

    Hardy, based in Alnwick, England has been handcrafting innovative fly gear since its formation in 1872 and is still recognized as the finest fly rods and reels in the world. Hardy fly gear is for those who require the finest and will not settle for anything less.

  • Hodgman logo

    Hodgman is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of branded waterproof/breathable waders and foul weather gear used by discriminating sportsman and sportswomen the world over. Our product lines include: waders and hip boots; wading shoes; wading jackets and vests; and related accessories.

  • Johnson logo

    The Johnson brand has become a staple for every angler and can be found in almost every tackle box. Johnson spinner baits, spoons, and jigs lures have stood the test of time and continue to help anglers of all abilities catch fish.

  • JRC logo

    JRC specialist carp fishing tackle and accessories. Bivvies, winter wraps, luggage, rods and a full range of connection materials. Available in the UK.

  • Mitchell logo

    In 1948, Mitchell invented the world’s first spinning reel. Today, Mitchell remains dedicated to our heritage of making reliable fishing tackle that performs flawlessly and allows all anglers to experience the joy of fishing.

  • PENN logo

    Saltwater breeds a different kind of angler. It toughens you. It cures you like bacon. It leaves you thirsty for the next fight. Out here, hard core saltwater anglers need equipment that is as tough as they are. And as reliable as the pull of the moon. At PENN, we’ve been testing the limits of saltwater fishing since 1932. Which is why our reputation for durability run deep. PENN. Let the battle begin.

  • Pflueger logo

    Pflueger products are world famous for their innovation, dependability & attention to detail. Pflueger continues to combine pride in craftsmanship and commitment to new technology to create a line of superior fishing products. Simply put, Pflueger Products Perform.

  • Sebile logo

    Sebile set out to create a company with the purpose of giving the angler tools birthed from the most innovative lure concepts and ideas available today. Each detail of Sebile’s products, from the natural, unique actions to the revolutionary, fluid-filled baits, is derived from detailed scientific studies of predators and prey.

  • Shakespeare Logo

    There’s no fish like your first fish. And nobody knows that better than Shakespeare. For over 100 years, Shakespeare has been one of the most recognizable brands in fishing. As more and more newcomers discover the joy of fishing, Shakespeare will be there, providing the gear and inspiration to make sure that the next bite will never be the last.

  • SpiderWire logo

    Spiderwire makes sure you bring the fish home. With superlines and monofilament lines to match your toughest demands, Spiderwire isn’t just a leader in the premium fishing line category – it’s in a category all by itself.

  • Stren logo

    Stren is well known the fishing world over for its strength, dependability, and innovative technology – all of which combine to create confidence on the water.

  • UglyStik logo

    Ugly Stik makes fishing equipment for those who like to fish ugly. In slime-stained shirts with trusty jon boats that burn a little oil. And with tough tackle built to handle just about anything anyone can throw at it. It’s time to fish ugly.

  • Van Staal logo

    Van Staal makes reels and tools for the saltwater anger who believes there are no limits on where you can go, how big a fish you can hook, or the amount of pressure you can put on it, your reel and yourself.