What We’re Looking For

Thank you for helping supply Pure fishing with photos! We appreciate your help. Please use the following guidelines when submitting photos.

Submit High Resolution Photos and Videos – be sure to send the largest file size possible

Please feature the following:

  • New products only (reels should have been released within the past 2 years, rods should be the most current model)
  • Action shots featuring Pure Fishing products
  • Pure Fishing product on a boat
  • Different Stages of Fishing – spooling, casting, reeling, tying
  • Branded apparel close-ups
  • The Pure Fishing look and feel: Visit our Instagram channels to see more examples

Please do not feature the following:

  • Products of competitors to Pure Fishing (ie. Lews, Shimano, Diawa, 13 Fishing, etc.)
  • Prominent competitor logos (if the post is intended to promote our brands)
  • Outdated Pure Fishing products- please only show current models
  • Pure Fishing products being used incorrectly
  • Grip N Grins (just you with a fish, but no Pure Fishing product shown)
  • Bloody fish
  • Fish held improperly. Do not hold fish by tail or gills- hold it by the lip or horizontally with one hand under the belly. Exceptions for extremely heavy fish.
  • Retail event photos (ie. People at a table full of product, tent photos or videos)



Lifestyle/Product in use:

Candid shots, on-water action shots, casting, rigging, hook sets, knot tying, and reeling.

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